The Boggle History

Boggle Mints began life in the year 2011 with the search for the perfect mint sweet.  We were looking for a mint sweet to offer as an alternative to the majority of other mint sweets and gums that contain several chemicals, artificial mint flavour and artificial additives. Plus at the time we were searching for the ideal recipe that could support the intense heat found within many countries, such as Spain.  In hot climates there very few sweets or gums that don't deteriorate when kept in a car, except a Boggle Mint of course! 

Boggle Mints are now manufactured in the UK using a fabulous recipe that contains absolutely NO artificial additives or animal derivatives. They are Natural, Heat Resistant, Vegan, Halal, Kosher and maintain a long lasting refreshing flavour for an incredibly long time.

With the seal zip featured on our pouches, you can take your Boggles wherever you travel and always know they will be fresh and ready to quench your thirst.

Modern methods and standards of production are used to produce a unique texture and flavour experience, but without the easier route of using artificial additives, flavours or excessive sugar. And of course our production methods enable our unique heat resistance qualities. 

Both the production methods and recipe are of course closely guarded secrets! 

After more than 2 years of tests and trials, Boggles were first launched in the city of Alicante, Spain in 2014. Little by little the good people of Alicante were discovering the wonderful flavour and benefits of Boggle Mints, especially the amazing ability to quench thirst.  In 2016 via a 

successful Crowdfunding campaign, the Boggle packaging designs were changed to reflect consumer profile studies. In 2017 Boggles were launched nationally in Spain, the UK and other countries such as Dubai, Germany, South Africa and China!