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Whatever you LIKE TO do, take YOUR BOggles with you!

(That's why we put Zip on the bag ;-))

Perfect for the car!

"With 100% natural mint I am thirst quenching like you wouldn't believe! Also useful to freshen breath before that important meeting, or even kiss! My special heat resistant production process means I can be kept in the car all year, even during a scorching summer... ticks all round."

           SPARE 10 MINS?

Whatever you do with your free time, make sure you visit our Facebook page to see what we are doing, where we are doing it and to share your ideas... plus of course become a fan!  We will offering special offers for all followers and hope to be a real family on the journey to spread the popularity of the great Boggle Mint! We don't recommend you use your laptop or mobile in the bath though!  

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Our  recipe and special production techniques result in a 'SUPERMINT' with a wonderful 3 stage taste sensation, gluten free, lactose free and suitable for Vegans (and of course that means vegetarians also - we do get asked!!). The Boggle heat resistant qualities are a real bonus during hot summers, making a Boggle the only mint sweet of this type where the flavour and texture does not deteriorate in very hot conditions.

        WANT TO CHAT?

Please contact us just to say 'Hi', give us your opinion/feedback, we are always looking for suggestions and new ideas.  If you just want to know where to purchase your weekly 'Boggle fix', let us know and we will help.  

Don't forget to send us your photos with your packet of Boggles, Mr Boggle Snr. loves to see them and he always uploads them to Facebook!