Secrets of a Boggle


Absolutely none, nada, zip. Boggle Mints don't contain any artificial additives, zero colourants,  *gluten free, lactose free and suitable for *vegans (so suitable for vegetarians also, in case you were wondering!). We think a Boggle is the perfect sweet for the 21st century. If you don't agree, let us know! If you really insist on an allergy warning, the factory where Boggles are produced in near another factory that

produces products containing nuts. There's no legal requirement to tell you that, and there

are very strict procedures in place to prevent anything from entering the Boggle factory

from outside... but now you know and can relax. 

Boggle Mints are made using a secret recipe developed in the UK. The result is a fresh natural flavour and wonderful unique texture.  Our methods are production are special also and so secrets we will guard forever.

The central tablet offers a low sugar refreshing surprise including 100% natural mint and other secret ingredients all wrapped in a hard shell, offering longevity and protection from heat. 

You would be surprised how many mint sweets consumed every day contain absolutely NO natural mint extracts, many of the leading brands of mint sweets and chewing gums use artificial mint. If it doesn't state 'natural mint' or 'mint oil', the mint flavour will be a chemically produced artificial mint flavouring or extract.

*non certified.